Where can I find the stage schedule, list of vendors and festival map?

Download the Jazz & Rib Fest mobile app! Or check out our website and signage at the festival.

How much does it cost?

Admission to Jazz & Rib Fest is FREE!

How do I get there and where should I park?

Directions and information on parking and public transportation can be found here.

Are coolers allowed?

Attendees are permitted to pack a cooler, but carry-in alcohol, glass bottles and containers are prohibited. Since admission to Jazz & Rib Fest is free, we strongly encourage attendees to purchase food and beverages at the event. Food and beverage purchases help to make Jazz & Rib Fest happen year after year! Coolers must be labeled with name and cell phone number. Due to security concerns, coolers may be confiscated by the Columbus Division of Police.

Can I bring my own grill?

Grilling, cooking, or campfires of any type may not be conducted anywhere on festival grounds.

Can I bring a blanket or a lawn chair?

Yes! Jazz & Rib Fest attendees are welcome to bring blankets and lawn chairs.

Are tents or oversized umbrellas allowed?

Tents, oversized umbrellas and staking of any kind are prohibited.

Are pets allowed?

While we strongly recommend leaving your pet at home in cool, quiet comfort, animals are permitted, but must be leashed at all times and owners must clean-up after their pets.

Is tobacco permitted?

All forms of tobacco are prohibited in city parks and facilities including the restrooms, spectator and concession areas, spraygrounds/splash pads and special event venues.

Can I bring my own music or recording equipment?

Mega phones, portable stereos, recording equipment or amplification of any kind are prohibited.

Are bikes and scooters permitted?

Yes, but bikes and scooters MUST be walked through the event and parked on the perimeter of festival grounds.

Are skateboards and hoverboards permitted?

Skateboards, hoverboards and unauthorized motorized vehicles are not permitted on the festival grounds.

Can I sell or solicit products?

Unauthorized vending, handbills, petitioning or solicitation is not permitted. Information on how to apply to be an authorized vendor can found here.

Is there a full list of prohibited items?

Yes, the following are NOT PERMITTED on festival grounds:
carry-in alcohol
glass bottles or containers
grilling, cooking or campfires
illegal weapons
laser pointers
unauthorized motorized vehicles
portable stereos, recording devices, megaphones or amplification of any kind
skateboards or hoverboards
unauthorized vending, handbills, petitioning or solicitation