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Jazz & Rib Fest is pleased to present BBQ Week, as a way to enjoy great barbecue and support local businesses. This Restaurant Week style event, happening July 18-24 features restaurants, food trucks and other dining establishments all serving up barbecue-inspired specials throughout central Ohio! BBQ Week culminates with Jazz & Rib Fest, July 22-24 in Downtown Columbus for a weeklong, citywide celebration of all things barbecue!

Restaurants, food trucks and other local food establishments serving all types of cuisine are encouraged to participate, the only requirement is that the BBQ Week offerings must be barbecue-inspired. This can mean anything from Southern style barbecue, Jamaican jerk chicken, Hawaiian barbecue pizza, Korean barbecue to vegan jackfruit sliders! Be creative, make it your own!

To allow for creativity in menu offerings, BBQ Week pricing will be set by each venue and include specials ranging from under $10 up to $40. Pricing excludes gratuity, tax and beverages (unless explicitly stated). Offerings can be per person, a shared meal, a multi-course prix fixe menu, meal kit or whatever combination of items you would like to include.

We hope you will join us this summer – read on for details and how to participate!

What's in it for you?

  • Promotion through a citywide multi-media campaign.
  • Great way for you to draw in new customers and also keep existing customers satisfied and interested.
  • A dedicated profile page on the Jazz & Rib Fest BBQ Week website.
  • A promotional toolkit for your channels.

Who’s Involved/What’s Involved?

  • Hosted by Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.
  • Restaurants, food trucks and other food establishments from the Central Ohio.
  • BBQ Week menus pricing will be set by each venue, ranging from under $10 up to $40.
  • Offerings can be per person, a shared meal, a multi-course prix fixe menu, a meal kit or whatever combination of items you would like to include.
  • To take the most advantage of BBQ Week, we encourage you to apply early. Registration will remain open through Monday, July 11, 2022.

What If I'm A Food Truck

  • If you are in one location for all of BBQ Week, list the address on the registration form.
  • If you are at multiple locations during BBQ Week, fill out a separate registration form for each location, noting the corresponding dates and locations on each form.
  • If you don’t have a set location, consider teaming up with a local brewery or establishment that doesn’t serve food to offer a special at their location for BBQ Week!

What If My Restaurant or Food Truck Has Multiple Locations?

  • Please submit a registration form for each location.
  • If you need assistance creating multiple registration forms, please email or call 614-645-7995

What If I’m A Catering Company, Meal Prep Service or Only Offer Delivery?

  • No problem! Your establishment will be listed as delivery or takeout only, depending on your registration information.

Event Dates

  • Monday, July 18 – Sunday, July 24, 2022.
  • You are welcome to select specific days and hours you would like to participate.
  • Ideally, your BBQ Week offerings should be provided every day of the week you are open, but we understand you may choose to exclude some dates.

Participation Fee

  • FREE: There are no registration fees for the 2022 edition of BBQ Week!
  • Every vendor has the option of submitting four (4) $25 gift certificates/gift cards that will be used for promotional purposes and giveaways throughout BBQ Week. Deadline to submit is July 1, 2022.

What You Need to Do

  • Offer barbecue-inspired menu item(s) ranging from under $10 up to $40. Prices can be per person or multiple servings.
  • BBQ Week menus can include something exclusive for BBQ Week or feature items from your regular menu.
  • Review and download the BBQ Week Marketing Toolkit!
  • Promote your inclusion in BBQ Week.
  • Include BBQ Week offers on delivery and takeout ordering platforms.
  • Submit gift certificates/gift cards for inclusion in BBQ Week promotions.

How Do I Submit A Gift Certificate/Gift Card If Interested?

  • Submit four (4) $25 gift certificates/gift card by July 1, 2022.
  • Must be valid for one (1) year.
  • Certificates must be numbered and include a signature.
  • Make certificates out to “Bearer of Certificate” or leave blank. Certificates made out to BBQ Week will be returned.
  • Scanned, emailed or handmade certificates will not be accepted.
  • All certificates must be mailed or hand-delivered to*:

Attn: Lindsay Acker, Special Events
Columbus Recreation and Parks Department
1111 E. Broad St.
Suite 101
Columbus, OH 43205

*We strongly recommend use of certified mail or FedEx to ensure safe shipment and timely arrival. Contact or 614-645-7995 for more information or assistance.

How and when can I register?

  •  REGISTER HERE for Jazz & Rib Fest BBQ Week! Registration is currently open and will remain through Monday, July 11, 2022.


For questions, please contact: | 614-645-7995