Charged Particles Plays the Music of Michael Brecker

Saturday | July 23, 2022 @ 2:00 pm |
Bicentennial Park Stage presented by ABC 6

Of trio Charged Particles’ new CD (on Summit Records) with saxophonist Tod Dickow playing compositions by Michael Brecker, Mike’s brother Randy Brecker said: “Smoking and intense from beginning to end. They’ve all internalized Mike and his music to an impressive degree of accuracy, and moreover, feeling!” Downbeat magazine said: “Dickow bears a clear Brecker influence but is no slavish imitator. He produces exciting, satisfying stuff.”

Jazz Weekly said: “Modern grooves and sizzling post bop as the Brecker torch burned brightly. Dickow’s tenor is intense.” L.A. Jazz Scene said: “Dickow captured the magic and brilliance of Brecker and saturates the group with power and purpose. All three rhythm section members bring excitement and creativity to the bandstand. This is a joyful listen, full of spark and spunk, but also incorporating the creativity and integrity of these four master musicians.” Noted jazz critic Bill Milkowski (author of Brecker’s biography) said: “Staggering in its authenticity, the sheer force of Tod Dickow’s lines lift the entire band, while his passionate intensity and Breckerian authority immediately command our attention. Truly, he is a talent worthy of wider recognition.” Jazz Times Magazine said of Charged Particles: “A tight and enormously talented trio”.

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