The OG Players

Saturday | July 22, 2023 @ 2:00 pm |
Bicentennial Park Stage Stage presented by ABC 6

Uniting nearly a decade ago over their mutual love of music, The OG Players are a quartet that combines founder Elaine Mylius, a one-woman orchestra, Eric Rollin, lead vocalist and emcee, Robert Rilery Jr, drummer, and Mayh3m! – Kito Denham, a nationally recognized beat master.

In a world where people are more apt to talk, move, and assume – rather than observe, The OG Players, short for The Observation Generation Players – invites audiences to wholly immerse their senses in the quartet’s transformative harmonies, frequencies, and vibrations. Consisting of a loop station, trombone, violin, hip hop beats, and smooth vocals – The OG Players creates a truly unique sound and space designed to heal and unite.

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