Safety Squad

Sunday | July 23, 2023 @ 6:30 pm |
Rich Street Stage Stage

What happens when you cross Snarky puppy and Vulfpeck with Marc Rebillet and Bo Burnham? Safety squad is a funny amalgamation of talent and quirkiness that produces a live show unlike one you’ve ever seen before. Originally starting as an instrumental funk project in 2015, Safety Squad has evolved into something more than just another jazz band, and puts on an eclectic show with a mix of music ranging from funky instrumental jams, to reggae songs about eggs, to Weird-Al inspired raps.

Safety Squad knows that music reaches the deepest parts of the soul, and creates the space to evoke emotions that are hiding under the surface. We know that having fun is seriously important, and for as seriously as we treat the music, we treat our attitude and stage presence with that level of FUN.

We are standing on the possibility of bringing the PLAY back to PLAYING music!

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