The Labra Brothers

Friday | July 22, 2022 @ 7:00 pm |
West Bank Park Stage presented by Fox 28

The secret of the Labra Brothers entertainment appeal and confident energetic performances is rooted in their solid multi-instrumental musicianship strength. But their creative and modern blend of groovestyle harmonies with Latin/R&B and Funk/Soul comes from their own unique intergenerational heritage of Latin troubadours via the steel town cultural mecca of their Youngstown, Ohio hometown. The Labra Brothers multi-genre mastery and crossgenerational fans takes this band from country clubs to casinos, and from nightspots to weddings to festivals.

A Labra Brothers stage show event is an adrenaline anchor performance that includes rapid-paced jams, funk guitars, sax and smooth R&B vocal harmonies. The band released its most recent single, “Fire”, in December of 2021. The band’s lineup includes siblings, Adrian Labra (vocals/guitar), Cristian Labra (vocals/bass), David Labra (vocals/guitar/sax), and Antonio Labra (percussion). Completing the band are Danny Svenson on keys and Matt Hayes on percussion

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