New Basics Brass Band

Friday | July 22, 2022 @ 9:30 pm |
Rich Street Stage Stage

In the fall of 1995 some tenderfoot college music students convened to try their hands at playing music that echoed America’s oldest sounds, yet stepped fast- footed with modern soul and urgency.

The past two decades have burnished the band. After hundreds of live shows, four studio albums, and recording with legends like Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Bootsy Collins, New Basics is in prime form. New Basics Brass Band’s fourth studio recording, Ditties For Kiddies, is a collection of fun, funky, children- oriented “ditties” that grown-ups love listening to even when the kids aren’t around. They have done what few bands succeed in doing- enduring. And while navigating the ebbs & flows and twists & turns, they have remained excited to do what they‘ve done since day one: sharing Feel-Good music.

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