Festival Policies

Prohibited Items

The following are NOT PERMITTED on festival grounds:

  • carry-in alcohol
  • glass bottles or containers
  • unauthorized vending, handbills, petitioning or solicitation
  • grilling, cooking or camp fires
  • illegal weapons
  • portable stereos, recording devices, megaphones or amplification of any kind
  • laser pointers
  • skateboards or hoverboards


Guests may set up their own tents and shaded lawn chairs in designated areas of the lawn seating areas near stages. We ask that you please follow posted signage as to where shaded lawn chairs are allowed so that all guests may fully enjoy the performance. Tents need to be safely secured, keeping in mind that there are irrigation systems in the parks. Tents may not be left up overnight and must be taken down in the case of high winds or inclement weather as a safety precaution. No grilling or cooking of any type may be conducted in the park.

  • West Bank Stage | Tents will be allowed in the northern section of the audience area, bordering Town St.
  • Genoa Park Riverfront Amphitheater | Tents will be allowed east or behind the stage on the large grass oval at river’s edge
  • Bicentennial Park | Tents will be allowed in the southern section of the park, south of the sidewalk that leads to the stage

Bikes and Scooters

While on festival grounds, bikes and scooters MUST BE walked.


While we strongly recommend leaving your pet at home in cool, quiet comfort, animals are permitted, but must be leashed at all times and owners must clean-up after their pets.


No person shall use any form of tobacco within the created zones in city parks and facilities including the restrooms, spectator and concession areas, playgrounds, swimming pools, spraygrounds/splash pads, athletic fields/courts, marinas and special event venues.