Where do I buy a ticket?
Jazz & Rib Fest is a free public event. Tickets are not needed for entry into the festival.

Where is the location for Jazz & Rib Fest?
Jazz & Rib Fest is located on The Scioto Mile along Columbus’ downtown riverfront. There will be three stages located in Bicentennial, West Bank and Genoa Parks. Directions to the festival can be found HERE.

What are my transportation options?
Attendees have many options for traveling to Jazz & Rib Fest including by car, car2go, bus and bike.


car2go offers attendees the closest parking to the entance of Jazz & Rib Fest. The simple car-sharing option offers a drop zone area that makes it easy to park the car for free and get to grooving at Jazz & Rib Fest. Use CBUS30 to sign up and receive a membership discount in advance of the festival.


Many local bus routes offer service to downtown Columbus and The Scioto Mile and the C-Bus offers quick and convenient service through downtown. For schedules and route details, visit COTA


Ride your own bike or rent a CoGo to travel the many trails and bikeways that lead to The Scioto Mile.

Where should I park?
Parking is located throughout downtown Columbus, including at Columbus Commons, COSI and area surface lots. Click here for detailed interactive map of parking options. Illegally parked cars will be ticketed and towed.

Where can I find a Jazz & Rib Fest program?
Programs can be found HERE in advance of Jazz & Rib Fest and throughout the festival at information tents, beverage locations, Mobile City Hall, ABC 6/FOX 28 Pavilion and various booths.

Is the festival handicap accessible?
Yes, Jazz & Rib Fest offers handicap accommodations. Handicap Parking is available at meters on Mound Street between South Civic Center Drive and the entrance ramp to 70 West/71 South, as well as at meters on Town Street between Civic Center Drive and Front Street. Additional handicap parking is available in area surface lots and parking garages. To use handicap parking, you will need to have a handicapped license plate, placard or other state-issued identification. View the Festival Map for details.

Jazz & Rib Fest is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located at all portable restroom sites located throughout the festival and in Bicentennial Park. Please note: Jazz & Rib Fest does not offer wheelchair or stroller rentals.

Will there be seating at the festival?
There will be a tented seating pavilion located at the top of the Genoa Park amphitheater, overlooking the Genoa Park Stage presented by ABC 6 and in Bicentennial Park overlooking the American Electric Power Stage. Lawn seating is available at all stages.

Am I allowed to set up a tent or bring my own chairs?
Jazz & Rib Fest attendees are welcome to bring blankets and lawn chairs. Guests may set up their own tents and shaded lawn chairs in designated areas. See the Festival Map for permitted tent areas. We ask that you please follow posted signage as to where tents and shaded lawn chairs are allowed so that all guests may fully enjoy the performance. Tents need to be safely secured, but staking is not permitted in Genoa or Bicentennial Park. Tents may not be left up overnight and must be taken down in the case of high winds or inclement weather as a safety precaution. Please note: the seating area at West Bank is not manicured and staking is permitted.

Am I allowed to pack a picnic or bring a cooler to Jazz & Rib Fest?
Attendees are permitted to bring a picnic or pack a cooler, but carry-in alcohol is not permitted. Coolers must be labeled with name and cell phone number. Due to security concerns, any coolers may be confiscated by Columbus Police Department. Since the ticket price to Jazz & Rib Fest is free, we do strongly encourage attendees to purchase food and beverages at the event.

How much are meals sold by rib teams?
Vendors sell everything from snacks to full meals. In general, BBQ prices range from $6 sandwiches to $25 full slab dinners.

Can I vote for my favorite ribs?
We encourage all attendees to vote for their favorite Jazz & Rib Fest ribs by completing an online ballot (link coming soon) for the People’s Choice Award Powered by 614 Magazine. Ballots and ballot boxes will also be located at information tents, token and beverage booths, the ABC 6/FOX 28 Pavilion and at the First Aid tent.

Am I allowed to grill at the festival site?
No grilling or cooking of any type may be conducted anywhere on festival grounds.

What if I need medical attention at the festival?
Paramedics will be on duty at the festival at all times, located on the west side of the Scioto River on Washington Boulevard, just north of COSI Plaza and on the east side of the Scioto River on Rich Street between Civic Center Drive and Ludlow Street.

What if I become separated from my family?
You may visit the Information Tent to obtain a wristband ID for your child to wear during the festival. If you should become separated from your child please report the incident to the nearest police officer or to the Information Tent. Found children will be brought to either the Information Tent or First Aid tents to wait for their parents. Refer to the Festival Map for Information Tent and First Aid locations.

Are there any festival rules?
Yes, see rules below.

  • The following are NOT PERMITTED on festival grounds:NO carry-in alcohol, NO glass bottles or any glass containers, NO unauthorized vending, handbills, petitioning or solicitation, NO grilling or cooking, NO camp fires, and NO illegal weapons, NO portable stereos, NO recording devices, NO laser pointers, NO mega phones, NO amplification of any kind.
  • Skateboards, hover boards, and all motorized vehicles are not permitted on festival grounds. Bicycles must be walked through the event and parked on the perimeter of festival grounds.
  • No person shall use any form of tobacco within the created zones in city parks and facilities including the restrooms, playgrounds, and spectator and concession areas.
  • No littering. Trash receptacles will be located throughout the event. Please recycle in provided bins located in all stage seating areas and at beverage locations. Glass is not permitted in recycling containers.

Can I bring my pet to Jazz & Rib Fest?
While we strongly recommend leaving your pet at home in cool, quiet comfort, animals are permitted, but must be leashed at all times. Owners must clean-up after their pets.

Am I allowed to use a drone at Jazz & Rib Fest?
According to the Federal Aviation Administration, users are not permitted to fly over crowds. The recreational use of sUAS (drones) is the operation of an unmanned aircraft for personal interests and enjoyment. For example, using a sUAS to take photographs for your own personal use would be considered recreational; using the same device to take photographs or videos for compensation or sale to another individual would be considered a commercial operation. You should check with the FAA for further determination as to what constitutes commercial or other non-hobby, non-recreational sUAS operations. http://knowbeforeyoufly.org/for-recreational-users/

Will an ATM be available?
There will be several ATMs located throughout the festival. View the Festival Map for exact locations.

Will the festival have activities for children?
Yes! Click here for more information about fun for families at the festival.

Where is the lost and found?
Lost and found items are kept at the Information Tent for the duration of Jazz & Rib Fest. After the festival, lost and found items are kept for up to 30 days. If you have any lost and found issues, please call (614) 645-7995.